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Playboy: Tell us how you really feel about deadlines.
Connie: I actually love the pressure of meeting a deadline. It forces me to get something out with enough time for a couple of intense editing sessions, rather than lingering over a paper for weeks and obsessing over every word.
Playboy: Which Arkansas academic department has the sexiest coeds?
Connie: Journalism, of course! We’re inquisitive and have to be aggressive to get all of the answers for a story. And we can pull off the sexy librarian look.
Playboy: What’s worse—a guy with no books in his house or a guy with lots of unfavorable ones?
Connie: That’s tough. Both are pretty scary! I would have to say a guy with no books at all is worse. Reading garbage is better than not reading at all.

Connie Yo's Awards: Coed Of The Week week 3 , November , 2011 Connie Yo Statistics: Bust: 36D, Waist: 26.00, Hips: 37.00, Height: 66.00, Weight: 126, Birth Date: Aug. 19, 1990,

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