Charlotte Lambert Nude - Playboy Coed

1. What part of a guy do you study first?
There's nothing sexier to me than a good-looking guy with long hair. I like to gently pull on a guy's hair when things get hot. It makes me feel like I'm in control, and I love to be in control!

2. What's the party scene like at your school?
I'm actually a pretty big nerd, so I'm not too aware of the party scene on campus. When I do go out, I go to Ybor City, a neighborhood in Tampa Bay. My favorite place there is The Castle. It's sort of a punk rock/alternative club that really looks like a castle! You never know what you're going to see there. Girls are always kissing other girls on the dance floor. Guys love to watch and I think it's so sexy to see two pretty girls kissing!

3. What are some of your favorite things?
I think life is so important and precious and my family and friends are incredibly important to me. I don't know what my life would be like without them! I also love Playboy for the sensuality, sexuality, expression, individuality and artistic nature of the magazine. Playboy has given me something to dream about ever since I was a little girl.

Final Exam: What is your special talent?
I have the ability to carry on a conversation with anyone.

Charlotte Lambert's Awards: Coed Of The Week week 3 , September , 2005

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