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Wide-eyed hopefuls from the hinterland incessantly batter the bastions of Broadway, determined, if need be, to follow to the letter Walter Huston's advice: "If you don't get anywhere by pounding your fists on the doors of producers' offices -- use your head." One such pretty pounder is flame-topped Carrie Radison of Philadelphia who, although she tells us she won't be 19 until November, has had her eye on that dressing-room star for some time. She made her dramatic debut at the age of 10 in summer stock in Minnesota and sang choral parts with the New York City Center Opera Company at 13. Behind her now is some TV work, as well as bit parts in films (Rock, Rock, Rock and Last Night in New York), but her real love is that odd room with the missing wall which is called The Stage.

Carrie Radison's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , June , 1957

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