Bridget and Katrina Everett Nude - Playboy Employee Of The Month

Playboy: So you're both in sales?
Bridget (left): Yes, I sell plastic products to grocery chains.
Katrina (right): I sell billing services to health clubs.

Playboy: What's your favorite part of the job?
Bridget: Building relationships with clients.
Katrina: Building relationships with clients.

Playboy: Wow, you really are twins. Got any good tales of double-dating high jinks?
Bridget: Maybe we will, now that we're both single again. Katrina just moved in across the street from me.
Katrina: We're going to start raising some hell.

Playboy: For the record, you're fraternal twins, not identical?
Bridget: Yes, but the older we get, the more we look alike.
Katrina: We sound alike, too. I have a huge crush on this guy, and I haven't done anything about it, so Bridget's going to call him and pretend to be me to break the ice. I'm a little shy.

Playboy: What's your sister's best physical asset?
Bridget: Her butt is perkier than mine. She has a great ass.
Katrina: Okay, but that's probably because I'm shorter. Her boobs are much better than mine.
Bridget: I've noticed clients staring at my boobs, but I don't take offense -- you use what you got.

Bridget and Katrina Everett's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , March , 2006

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