Becky Wunder Nude - Playboy Employee Of The Month

Playboy: It says here that you worked at a junkyard.
Becky: Can we call it a car parts center?
Playboy: Sure. How was it?
Becky: Dirty.
Playboy: So what’s your real name?
Becky: Becky Wunder, for real.
Playboy: Surely you’ve been called Wonder Woman, then.
Becky: Well, a few of my roommates call me Wunder Butt.
Playboy: That’s appropriate.
Becky: I do love my butt.
Playboy: We do too. Your roommates have a great eye.
Becky: They’ve seen enough of me. Sometimes I traipse from my room to the bathroom without clothes on.
Playboy: So it wasn’t difficult to disrobe for this shoot?
Becky: Right, I love being naked.
Playboy: We can appreciate that. But we also love a woman we can have a decent meal with. Are you the salad type?
Becky: On the contrary. I love to eat and cook. Check out my new cooking blog,
Playboy: How do you maintain such a curvy yet trim body?
Becky: I do all types of traditional and quirky workouts. I go to the gym, take pole-dancing classes and hula with a weighted hoop.
Playboy: You Hula-Hoop?
Becky: Yes, it’s amazing for my curves—the Wunder Butt.

Becky Wunder's Awards: Employee of the month , March , 2010

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