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Cybergirls Barbara Desiree and Cheyenne Cummings, are feeling each other. Hot and sexy is an understatement when these two get together by the pool, shot by photographer and former CGOY, Jennifer Vaughn. Both bubbly, fun, and laughing with each other constantly, the chemistry between these two is more than just on camera. “We’re really into each other, it’s not fake, so it was super kinky,” gushes Barbara Desiree about the shoot. “There was a little bit of hair-pulling, tongue-biting, a lot of tongue action,” adds Cheyenne Cummings. “It’s some Fifty Shades of Grey stuff,” she laughs. But the best thing about shooting with another Cybergirl? “You get to have girl time all day,” says Barbara Desiree. “It’s so empowering.” says Cheyenne. Seeing these two together made our heads spin, see for yourself, only here on Playboy Plus.

Barbara Desiree & Cheyenne Cummings's Awards: Cyber girl week 3 , June , 2017

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