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AMBITIONS: An education. TURN-ONS: Clothes, paintings, ballets, plays. TURNOFFS: I have too many to list! I STAY FIT WITH: Ballet. HOBBIES: Collecting coins. WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Charm and intelligence. WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Crude habits. While Chicago is touted as a convention city, we've always found its unconventional side much more interesting -- especially as personified by an eye-catching iconoclast like Avis Kimble, our bountiful bohemian November Playmate. Auburn-haired Avis, a Windy City citizen by birth and inclination is artistic both in temperament and topography (39-22-36); she paints striking water colors and oils, is a budding ballet dancer and a poetess who happily celebrates self-expression in lieu of carbon-copy conformity.

Avis Kimble's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , November , 1962 Avis Kimble Statistics: Bust: 39, Waist: 22.00, Hips: 36.00, Height: 65.00, Weight: 124, Birth Date: Oct. 18, 1944, Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois USA,

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