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AMBITIONS: I want to be the new Marilyn Monroe and find my own Clark Gable. TURN-ONS: Men who wear braces, cowboys! I also get off on scary movies. TURNOFFS: Two-timing men, obsessive bodybuilders, disloyal friends, slobs. HOBBIES: Roller-blading, couch potato-ing! FAVORITE AUTHORS: The people who write my favorite soaps. FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Garth Brooks! (If only he were single.) FAVORITE TV SHOWS: The Simpsons, The Young and the Restless, The Cosby Show, Friday the 13th. FAVORITE CENTURY, AND WHY: 19th Century, when women wore hoop skirts and men were men. As earthy and wide open as the North Texas spaces Vickie Smith hails from (she grew up in Mexia -- pronounced Ma-HEY-YA -- pop. 6933), she tells the truth no matter how uncool it may sound. Her biggest fear, for instance: "Water! I feel foolish admitting this, but it scares me when there's any more of it than you can fit into a bathtub." She doesn't like showers, either -- maybe because Vickie, who devours horror films like so much buttered popcorn, has seen "Psycho" one time too many. Two things she's not crazy about, she volunteers, revealing her old-fashioned sensibilities, are men who do drugs and men with long hair.

Anna Nicole Smith's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , May , 1992 Playmate Of The Year , 1993 Anna Nicole Smith Statistics: Bust: 36DD, Waist: 26.00, Hips: 38.00, Height: 71.00, Weight: 140, Birth Date: Nov. 28, 1967, Birth Place: Houston, Texas USA,

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