Ann Davis Nude - Playboy Playmate

Since Playboy went into orbit half-a-dozen-plus years ago, there's been no doubt about the popularity of our center gatefolds, thanks to the inspiring beauty of the femmes who fill them. In our brief history, too, the magazine has been honored with more than fifty awards for the excellence of its art and design. Putting the first and second facts together, we decided to place our September Playmate, Chicago secretary Ann Davis, in a staff photographer's bachelor pad, surround her with eleven first-rate Playboy artists and present their interpretations of her in our pages. As we see her, in photo and fine-art renditions, she's a memorable Miss September in both media.

Ann Davis's Awards: Playmate Ann Davis Statistics: Bust: 38, Waist: 20.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 62.00, Weight: 105,

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