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Angie Everhart's nude pictures and videos are here. The tall, gorgeous redhead you saw on the reality show Celebrity Mole posed naked for Playboy!

When we heard that Angie Everhart's legs are insured for $1 million, we couldn't help wondering, How much is the policy on the rest of her? And what are the premiums? Now that she's become a screen star her assets are rapidly approaching the status of priceless. After almost ten years of strutting those formidable legs down runways all over the planet, the Flame-Tressed One took a role in the 1995 film Jade and abandoned modeling at the height of her career. Will the 30-year-old beauty ever go back? "Absolutely not. Modeling is a high-burnout field. I wasn't using my brain."

So what does a guy need to get her attention? "A sense of humor and security with himself. I like confidence, not cockiness -- the kind of guy who has abs but isn't afraid to cry." And what's the significance of the tattoo at the base of her spine? "She's my guardian angel. I got her at a difficult time in my life. You have to have someone watching your back." Amen.

Angie Everhart's Awards: Celebrity week 5 , December , 2007 Angie Everhart Statistics: Height: 70.00, Weight: 65535, Birth Date: Sept. 7, 1969, Birth Place: Akron, OH, USA,

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