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Ukrainian International model Angel B lives up to her name in this magnificent set from photographers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and all natural, Angel is our latest crush and comes to us from Kiev, Ukraine. You first saw her in a double feature with her friend, Pamela—now she’s ready for her close-up, and it’s time for us to appreciate her solo. “I’m always in a positive mood,” explains Angel with a smile. “I’m single, because I haven’t met the right one yet. In a man, I look for a nice face, nice shoulders…and a nice ass.” ‘Nice’ isn’t a strong enough word to describe Angel’s performance—this one is definitely not shy, and she wasn’t kidding about that perma-good mood. Have a little fun with the gorgeous Angel B, only on Playboy Plus.

Angel B's Awards: International week 3 , May , 2016 Angel B Statistics: Height: 64.00, Weight: 105, Birth Date: May 25, 1995, Birth Place: Kiev, Ukraine,

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