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Playboy: You’ve told us you’re a new-business manager for a financial firm. What does that mean?
Amanda: I process all the new large—$3 million or higher—life insurance cases for my company. It’s a lot of back-and-forth between clients and insurance companies and medical underwriters. I examine more than 50 cases a day.
Playboy: You must really whip through them. If we were to have a business meeting with you, we’d try to prolong it.
Amanda: That happens from time to time. When I dress for work, I try to hide some parts more than I normally would, but I don't cover up that much. Obviously, I’m not wearing a bikini top, but I think they seat me out front for a reason.
Playboy: Which part of you receives the most compliments?
Amanda: At work I’d say my eyes. Altogether I normally hear either “Your eyes are gorgeous” or “You have a great ass.”
Playboy: So if we were to approach you, that would work?
Amanda: Sure, but I’m not often approached. I’ve been told I have that “bitchy” look.
Playboy: We disagree with that characterization.
Amanda: Me too. Once people get to know me they say I’m really nice and actually goofy. I’m not a stuck-up princess. I used to be a wild child, partying like crazy every weekend—but now it’s more like every other weekend.

Amanda Pogrell's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , October , 2008

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