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Say hello to Amateur Ally Johnson, a delightful brunette from small-town Minnesota. “I’m a huge Vikings fan,” she says. “Most people think I’m a girly girl, but I love football on Sundays, and I’m the one that screams at the TV, ‘Go Vikes!’” Raised in a town of five hundred, Ally is just about as friendly as they come, and no matter the circumstances, she’s always willing to lend a hand. “Back home, if you needed help with anything, the whole town would pitch in,” she says. “No matter what.” These days, Ally calls Los Angeles her home, and even in sight of the Hollywood sign, she’s the same girl she was in Minnesota. “I love to get pampered with the girls,” she says with a smile.

Ally Johnson's Awards: Amateur week 3 , May , 2013 Ally Johnson Statistics: Bust: 32D, Waist: 23.00, Hips: 25.00, Height: 65.00, Weight: 105, Birth Date: March 17, 1989, Birth Place: Los Angeles, California,

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