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Playboy: What's the attraction to cheerleading?
Alison: It's a rush to run out onto the field with 77,000 fans looking at you. Plus I get to dance and watch football at the same time.

Playboy: What do you do on the squad?
Alison: I'm one of six captains. We have to know what's going on, whether the team's on offense or defense. We watch the game and cheer between plays.

Playboy: How do you stay in shape?
Alison: I take dance or aerobics classes. I don't see any reason to run five miles.

Playboy: What's it like to cheer through those Massachusetts winters?
Alison: It does get cold out there -- at some point in the season we have to give up our uniforms for long pants and jackets. We're covered in layers with only our faces exposed, and with all the dancing around we start to sweat, but our faces are still freezing. Once a girl's eyes started to water in the cold wind, and her tears literally froze to her face. But I think the weather is an advantage for our team.

Alison Preston's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , November , 2005

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